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Unbreakable Center - 4 Week Intro

Our training helps you find and keep your Unbreakable Centertm.

Class outcomes:

  • Inventory current lifestyle and deconstruct for healthier work-life balance
  • Learn how intentional practice is critical to long term success
  • Establish daily fitness routine to improve posture and gain core strength
  • Learn to schedule for rest and recovery
  • Use the Unbreakable Center cognitive model to identify, set and complete long term goals
  • Identify lifestyle changes to avoid burnout, increase physical grit and deepen emotional resilience

Class duration: 4 weekly classes, 1 hour each

Class format: Small group 60% lecture and 40% practicum

Class size: Minimum of 8 adult participants. Maximum is 17. This class will not be held with less than 8 participants. Invite your friends and family.

Prerequisites: None


Mind-Body Vibro