What Is Neuro-Based Fitness? - Free Talk

Join Kelley Graham for a free talk introducing the Unbreakable Centertm approach to physical fitness. Neuro-Based Fitness is part of a comprehensive training system developed by Kelley Graham over 40 years of intensive inquiry into the limits of mind, body and spirit.

"What is fitness to you? Being able to finish a marathon? Easily flip huge tractor tires around? There are high costs associated with developing these extreme capacities. Who has the time? What is running a marathon good for? How much do these extreme physical activities have to do with being healthy, happy and satisfied? I believe the costs of such levels of fitness far outweigh the benefits for most people." - Kelley Graham

In this talk I outline our real-world, evidence based training tools for attaining sustainable lifelong physical fitness. It is an undisputed fact that small, consistant successes over time lead to big changes, not only in fitness level, but in every aspect of your life. Using NBF Tools will help you be more fit without exteme effort, risk of permanent injury or overexertion. Presentation duration is one hour.


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